How it works

The concept behind love.lunch is simple. We make the tasty, nutritious, and aesthetically pleasing lunch you'd make for your kids if you had all the time in the world. We know that you'd much rather spend time enjoying your family than trying to design balanced lunches using whole, variety-filled ingredients prepared in ways your kids actually want to eat.

Because each of our meals is made fresh to order, all orders need to be placed by 5pm on Wednesday to be included in the following week's delivery cycle. All orders are delivered on a Sunday between 2pm and 10pm, ready for the start of the week ahead.

Our boxes are packed with gel ice packs and are carefully wrapped in thermal insulation, so they’ll keep cold until you can pop them in the fridge that afternoon (or when you wake up in the morning if you're already tucked up in bed!).

Our packaging system extends the shelf-life of our meals by placing a seal over the lunch box tray to form an airtight, leak-proof seal. This naturally preserves the food, maintaining its freshness for longer. Thanks to our equipment, each lunch box maintains its freshness for 6 days from the day of delivery – so they’ll easily see the school week through!

Our boxes are designed for multi-use, so you can wash them and use them again! They’re also recyclable, so when you’re ready to dispose of them, just empty any remaining contents into the rubbish, give it a rinse and them into the recycling!

We have a variety of meals available to choose from and an ordering system that is convenient, flexible, and easy to use and where possible, we've included options for Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Egg Free, Vegan and Vegetarian. If there's a recipe you like that doesn't show a variation you need, get in touch with our team to see what options might be possible.

We offer subscription models with a 10% discount and no lock-in contracts, or the option to order once-off, when you need.

At love.lunch, we’re delivering Australia's favourite lunch box right to your door, using only fresh, high-quality, and natural ingredients that are free of preservatives and additives!