At love.lunch, we make ordering healthy lunches for your kids as easy as possible! Check out our Frequently Asked Questions to learn more about our process.
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General Questions

We're a family-owned business with a passion for food. With two young girls of our own, we know first hand how hard it can be putting affordable, nutritious food into tiny bellies. Everything we create is made fresh and we don't use any additives or preservatives in our cooking. The best part about all this is that kids love our meals, making it a win for everyone!

Place your lunch boxes straight in the fridge and store between 1-4 degrees.

Thanks to our equipment, each box maintains its freshness for 6 days from the day of delivery – so they will last the school week. For any uneaten boxes at the end of the school week, the contents should not be eaten and should be discarded. Our boxes are designed for multi-use, so you can wash them and use them again! They are also recyclable, so when you’re ready to dispose of them, just empty any remaining contents into the rubbish and pop the box into the recycling.

Our packaging system extends the shelf life of our meals by placing a seal over the lunchbox tray to form an airtight, leak-proof seal. This naturally preserves the food, maintaining its freshness for longer.

They can if they like but our boxes have been designed to flow with the school day, with food separated by fruit break, recess, and lunch + treat. But however your child enjoys their food is exactly how our boxes should be enjoyed - there’s no right or wrong way! Our boxes also have lids to be able to close them and lock in any food still to be eaten – just like a regular lunch box! For new customers, a complimentary lid will be provided with your first order. Lids are reusable, however we know things get misplaced sometimes so additional lids are also available for purchase.

Our meals are loved and enjoyed across all ages and our menu has been designed to satisfy even the biggest hunger with ease! They’re a quick and easy option when racing around with after-work/school activities and our boxes are microwavable, making them a great dinner option too! Make sure you remember to remove the snacks and fruit/veg before heating!

You select the main meal component of each lunch and we take care of the rest. Each meal comes with fruit and veggies that are in season, cheese, dip and a sweet (but healthy!) treat.
For specific dietary requirements and any ingredients your child cannot eat, please email us at info@lovelunch.com.au and we can talk through alternative options.

We sure do. Our gift cards are available in various and all have a three year expiry period.

You can find our gift cards under our product collection.

Nutrition and Dietary Requirements

We do not use any additives, preservatives or fillers in our products. All our meals are prepared fresh and maintain their freshness from the system we use to seal each box.

When selecting ingredients and what we offer on our menu, we choose options that are also free from any additives or preservatives. In some circumstances, this is unavoidable and when using a completely additive or preservative free ingredient isn't possible, we select the next best option.

Yes. For meals that meet various dietary needs, we have listed the available variants on that meal’s page. If there is a specific ingredient you are concerned about, feel free to email us at info@lovelunch.com.au to discuss this.

Please note that while our meals are made free from the allergens listed, they are made in a facility that handles allergen foods, including (but not limited to) nuts, egg, milk, dairy, eggs, meat products, cereals, gluten and wheat.

Yes. For meals that can be adapted to meet various allergies, we have listed the available variants on that meal’s page. For any item that doesn’t list the allergy you are concerned with, email us at info@lovelunch.com.au to discuss options.

Please note that while our meals are made free from the allergens listed, they are made in a facility that handles allergen foods, including (but not limited to) nuts, egg, milk, dairy, eggs, meat products, cereals, gluten and wheat.


As our meals are made fresh, orders need to be placed by 5pm Wednesday for the following week. If you have missed the cut off, send us an email and we’ll try and accommodate you as best we can.

No! If you're short on time, you can simply browse the menu and add items to your cart then continue as a guest. If you do register an account, this will keep a history of your orders and will save you time on future orders!

While subscriptions offer the best value with 10% off the regular price, we understand that sometimes you just need some help during busy periods. All our boxes are available to order as once-off purchases, giving you the flexibility that suits you.

When you select your subscription, you’ll select how many meals you would like each week and the meals you would like to include. If you want to make any changes to your meals you can do this in your customer portal, or by emailing us at love.lunch

Sometimes things change – we get it!  If you no longer need your order, you have until Thursday 5pm to change your delivery to a future week.  After this, we will not be able to accommodate any changes.

As our meals are made fresh to order, there is a $40 minimum spend requirement per order.

We understand that things change. If you need to pause your subscription, you can do this by logging into your portal. Any changes to a subscription need to be made by 5pm Wednesday to be effective for the following week. Changes made after this time will not take effect until the following order cycle.


Orders over $100 will receive free shipping. For all orders less than $100 there is a $14.95 shipping fee.

No way! We created this business to help you have more time and freedom to do the things you enjoy, not keep you stuck at home waiting for a delivery!

We pack your order in an insulated box with gel ice packs, so they'll keep things cold for many hours after delivery.

We need somewhere safe and out of the sun to leave them, so let us know where this is in your delivery instructions.

Orders are delivered on Sundays between 7am and 10pm.

Not going to be home (or going to be tucked up in bed)? No problem! All our boxes are packed with gel ice packs and are carefully wrapped in insulation, so they’ll keep cold until you can pop them in the fridge later that day or when you wake up in the morning.