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lunches, delivered to your door.

We make the lunch you'd

make for your kids if you

had all the time in the world!

New customers receive a free lunch box lid with first order

Matching the same level of care parents put into packing lunches, love.lunch is an easy, convenient option offering high-quality, fresh ingredients.

Every lunch is made by hand, delivered to your door, and perfect for growing kids!

Kids love our fun, bright, and delicious lunches. Parents love our fresh, wholesome picks.

Reclaim your time by rethinking the way you do lunch.

We put love back into lunch

Founded in 2023, love.lunch caters to busy parents who are tired of choosing between convenience and quality when packing daily lunches. Give your kids the goods without the grind by getting lunch done the simple way with love.lunch lunch boxes.

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Why families trust us

1. We Make Healthy Meals Fun
Every love.lunch meal is made from 100% healthy, wholesome ingredients. Our lunches keep your child full and satisfied using the nutrients they need to grow and thrive.

Our menus are curated to be bright, tasty, and appealing to kids. As part of our mission, we are helping to foster a culture of intentional, "whole" food choices among our littlest Australians!

2. Our Lunch Delivery Is Convenient
It's time to do the math on how many hours you're spending each month assembling everything needed to plan, prepare, and pack your child's school lunches. Bringing a healthy lunch together takes time and effort because packing fresh lunches requires a different level of dedication.

At love.lunch, we know that packing a lunch is far more than filling a bag. Most parents are spending hours scrolling online for lunch inspiration, buying healthy ingredients at the store, and putting it all together before rushing out the door in the morning. love.lunch parents simply hand their kids a perfectly curated lunch box in the morning and head off for the day!

Nourish bonding time in your family by leaving the lunch duties to us!

3. We Create a Great Lunch Experience

Your kids are going to love what's waiting for them inside their love.lunch lunches! Our colourful, fun boxes are easy to open for kids. We also prepare and present healthy foods in ways that make kids excited to eat them.

Over 91% of Aussie kids aren't hitting their daily recommended fruit and vegetable intake. love.lunch is helping to tackle the issue one lovingly packed lunch at a time!

4. We're All About the Happy Customer
love.lunch has built a reputation for offering exceptional quality, flexibility and convenience. We'll do what it takes to make you satisfied with your purchase!

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