Chicken and Cheese Sandwich/Wrap

Chicken and Cheese

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Looking for a more traditional, yet delicious option? Our sandwich and wrap range is the perfect choice!

Made with tender, juicy chicken breast slices and tasty cheese, this sandwich is nutritious, filling and full of protein.

Easy to eat on the go, this is a great choice for little ones who are sometimes too busy playing to eat their lunch and is available with the following bread options:
• Wholemeal Slice
• Multi-grain Slice
• Wholegrain Wrap
• GF Wholegrain Bread

Veggie sticks, Dip, Cheese, fun treat, fruit

Poached Chicken Breast (onion, peppercorn), Cheese, Nuttelex


Wholegrain Bread: Cereals, Gluten, Soy; May be present: Fish

Wholemeal Bread: Gluten, Soy, Wheat

Wrap: Cereals, Wheat; May contain Soybean

Gluten Free: Egg, Soy; May be present: Sesame

Chive and Onion Dip: Milk

Refrigerate between 1-4 degrees

6 days from delivery

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Designed to eat with minimal effort, this meal is a great selection when pressed for time or between after-school activities