Ham and Cheese Croissant Lunch Pack

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Looking for a traditional option that isn't a sandwich? Why not mix it up with a Ham and Cheese Croissant?

Made with thinly sliced ham and tasty cheese, this is a fun twist on a traditional sandwich that is full of protein and easy to eat on the go, making it a great choice for kids who are sometimes too busy playing to finish their lunch!

Veggie Sticks, Dip, Cheese, fun treat, fruit

Ham, Cheese, Nuttelex

Gluten, Egg, Milk, Wheat

May be present: Soy

Refrigerate between 1-4 degrees

6 days from delivery

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Customer Reviews

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The croissants for lunch have been a game changer. They've been very well received by my children who have ordered these a few times now.
Thank you for tailoring the croissants to accomodate the fussy eater. Most grateful that the croissants don't include any nasties in them either.
We recently ate this on a Thursday and the freshness of the product was fantastic.

Great sandwich alternative

Full of flavour and flaky pastry, this is a great alternative for when you feel like a change from a sandwich but still want something easy to eat